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Residential Solar PV Systems

Client: 2 Residential Properties in Arkholme

Go Green Solar Group Ltd use the best quality residential solar panels for the North West

Our solar power battery systems ensure electricity can be supplied to your home, whatever the weather. For peace of mind, similarly to our commercial solar panels ,all our residential solar panels in the North West come with an extensive warranty.

Solar PV panels are essential to making your home greener, reducing both your carbon footprint and energy bills. 

Solar panels on two different residential buildings

Commercial Panels

Go Green Solar Groups Solar PV systems are essential to make your business greener, reducing both your carbon footprint and energy bills.  

solar panels on a commercial building
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In brief, our Solar PV Panel systems comprise of:

  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar PV Inverter
Solar panels on a house with scaffoldings around

As leading solar panel suppliers in the North West – covering areas across Lancashire, such as Preston, Blackburn, and Carnforth – our Solar PV systems include battery storage which means you can store the solar energy to generate electricity whenever required. Additionally, the use of batteries can give massive annual savings.

How do Solar PV systems work? Solar PV panels consist of photovoltaic cells (PV), which absorb energy from the sun to generate electricity, which is then fed throughout your property. When an excess of electricity is produced in your property, it is fed into the national grid or your battery storage for later use.

Also, residential property owners who choose to install solar panels before April 2027 will pay 0% VAT.

Grass and the sky with the Sun behind clouds

Our mission at Go Green Solar Group Ltd is to provide environmentally friendly energy-saving solutions to the homeowner, covered by a 25 year performance warranty, with all the necessary accreditations.